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Advantages of biodiesel


Replacing the existing petroleum diesel has many advantages and limitations. Biodiesel has many significant advantages over it.

Here is the list of environmental benefits of biodiesel:

  Biodiesel is a carbon neutral one. It means that it does not emit any carbon gases in the form of carbon dioxide.

  This is highly a biodegradable process.

  It is non-toxic.

  Biodiesel have a higher flash point than any other diesel.

  Biodiesel is a renewable form of energy source.

  It is also economical.

  It is less polluting than petroleum products since it produce less particulate matters like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and unburned hydro carbon.

  The life of catalytic converters is increased if the biodiesel that is 100% free from sulphur is used.

  Biodiesel can be used in combination with others like heating oil etc.

  Biodiesel can be used in the existing oil heating system and diesel engines with little or no modification.

  It gives the same energy level for per gallon like the petroleum diesel.

  The lifetime of the engines are extended due to the lubricating effect of biodiesel.

  Though biodiesel has lot of advantages over the existing one there is also some disadvantages concerning it.