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About Us


aumkii pure is developing and undergoing investments in renewable energy in developing countries with a main focus on India. Due to India's enormous growth and continuously increasing demand for energy, already nowadays energy poverty is observable to a large extent.

Although certain efforts are undertaken, the rising demand is outpacing the growing supply by far. Beyond that, also renewable energies are only used to a very limited extent though the country is rich of numerous sources - from solar energy, wind energy to renewable raw materials, e.g. Jatropha.

Based on our experience within India for several years in India, we decided to start growing Jatropha to support a sustainable development. After two years our initial plantation is so far already showing enormous grow as well as returns - and we are continuing our efforts due to this success with our new 1 million Jatropha plants project. Find our more about the project or have a look at photos of our plantation.