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Jatropha as biodiesel


Jatropha oil is also a kind of vegetable oil that is produced from the seeds of jatropha that has the capacity to grow in marginal and common lands. These jatropha oil can be used as renewable source like biodiesel.

First we have to know what is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a alternative fuel that is prepared from vegetable oil, animal oil, fats and also from waste cooking oil.

Apart from using the biodiesel as a alternative fuel it also has many advantages.

As the concept of biodiesel grows it is essential to know more about the process and cost of the biodiesel fuel. So to have a brief ideal refer to the pages

  Process of biodiesel

  Cost of biodiesel

So using jatropha oil as a biodiesel has many advantages. It is an alternative and renewable source of energy and the biodiesel is free from sulphur. Using of biodiesel reduces the pollution. The amount of components present in the petroleum is reduced to half in the biodiesel.