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Jatropha Harvesting


The agro climatic condition and the location specify the flowering condition of jatropha. But in general the plant starts its flowering within their first 4 months and quickly matures into oil yielding fruits.

With the latest and current technology the random seed collection will yield a minimum target oil yield that is about 8 to 10 tons per hectare. This yield is tending to be similar almost in all the regions.

With the use of increased technology the yield can be raised to 15 to 25 tons per hectare. One of the best methods is the cloning. By cloning the highest yielding plant the seedlings can yield the property of the initial plant thus increasing the oil yield per hectare.

Post-Harvest Treatment

Since jatropha has a long self life it can be stored to meet the market demand. The main issues are the clean containers that have the ability to seal in order to prevent the evaporation of the water vapors. And jatropha can be stored under nitrogen this helps to prevent the formation of oxidation products. Mainly stainless steel containers are used for storing.