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Jatropha Products


Below are some of the products for jatropha. Except the seed hulls all other are used for some purpose. The table lists the jatropha products along with their uses.

S. No Jatropha Product Uses
1 Seeds Insecticides
Medicine against Constipation
Oil production
2 Deshelled seeds For soap production
3 Oil Used as diesel
Fuel for cooking stoves
Diesel for high tech motors
For biodiesel Production
Soap Production
As a lubricating oil
As a cosmetics
As a analyzer for fatty acids
As a Analyzer for oils
4 Press cake As a organic fertilizer
5 Leaves Tea against malaria
6 Liquid Used as a disinfectant
To stop bleeding
7 Seed hulls These are waste products
8 Trunk No use as a fire wood since they are too soft and has high water content
Used to make small cheese boxes