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Light Hydrocarbon fuel


Student researchers belonging to a public school in Connecticut tested that jatropha has the capacity to produce Light Hydrocarbon fuels.

Hydrocarbons are nothing but the natural occurring compounds which contains hydrogen and carbon. These hydrocarbons can be in a gaseous, solid, or liquid state. This can also include natural gas, bitumens, and petroleum.

This research was done between the years 2008 to 2009. The student through the Gas Chromatographic analysis sawed that there was a significant huge amount of hydrocarbons were present in the jatropha biodiesel than the other biodiesel prepared from other means. It contained methane along with ethane and propane. It also contained 15% carbon dioxide per gram. This research along with the other test and researches will promote the jatropha as a practical biodiesel. This might also lead jatropha as a budding solid fuel source.