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Environmental changes and remarkable increase in the price of the oil have urged in the development of alternative fuels. One of the best alternative pure energy is the biofuel. The best example for pure energy is Jatropha which can grow and survive in any land. Jatropha can grow fast till 6m in height. The oil from the jatropha has the chemical structure similar to the palm oil. The oil contains unsaturated fatty acids. The better structure and good composition make the jatropha oil pure. The strength of the oil lies in the utilization of its physico-chemical properties.

Scientific and experimental trial on the utilization of jatropha oil with 100% jatropha oil, 50% jatropha oil, 50% mixture with diesel oil and the long term durability test have proved the technical and economical possibility of the jatropha oil as a pure energy.

The integrated process of using the full valorization of the jatropha oil to process with minimum loss of energy and to maximize the production value is now being developed. Producing the oil form the complicated seedling method, extracting the oil from the other parts of the jatropha plant, different purification process will guide a way to the valorization of the jatropha plant a potential alternative pure energy fuel.