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Jatropha oil uses


Jatropha oil is also a kind of vegetable oil that is produced from the seeds of jatropha that has the capacity to grow in marginal and common lands.

Below are some of the benefits of jatropha oil.

  • Used as a alternative for diesel as a renewable source.
  • Have the properties that are similar to diesel fuel.
  • It is a oxygenated fuel and is also a eco friendly.
  • Contains less sulphur.
  • Can be used in the diesel engine with little modification in the engines.
  • Emission of exhaust gas is reduced.
Component Reduction %
Carbon monoxide 50
Particulate matter 30
Hydrocarbons 90
Sulphur-oxides 100
Sulphates 100

Use as Biodiesel:

In order to meet the decreasing foreign exchange reserves it is essential to find a renewable resource that is better for this problem. So to meet the growing demand non-edible seeds from the jatropha plant has a potential effect on this increasing requirement. The oil that is extracted from the jatropha plant is used as a substitute for diesel in many parts of the world. The biodiesel that is prepared from the jatropha oil is more economical than any other diesel.

Transesterification is the process that is used to produce biodiesel from jatropha oil. In this process triglycerides is converted into methyl esters. And the oil is mixed with alcohol and catalyst and is kept at the reaction temperature for a specific duration of time under agitation. Then it is send to the settling tank. At last the ester is collected and washed to get pure biodiesel.

It is also used as

  • Jet fuel
  • Light hydrocarbon fuel
  • Myanmar biodiesel