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We develop and implement projects for renewable energy with a substantial impact on CO2 emissions. We focus on rapidly growing developing countries like India, as the hotspots of current and future emission growth. Due to the enormous growth and continuously increasing demand for energy in those prospering economies, renewables are essential to restrict and limit carbon emissions for the preservation of our planet.

The approach of aumkiiPURE also includes an economically sustainable approach to our projects. Only if CO2 neutrality can be combined with solid revenue from projects, long-term sustainability is guaranteed. Thus, we create the basis for sustainable thinking and action. We support the transformation of our economy through the implementation of profitable projects in the field of renewable energy. The achievable yields are at the same time subordinate to the CO2 compensation, but must return a positive result.

A flagship project is our 1 million plants project in India: We are currently scaling our Jatropha planting efforts with your support. After several years of small-scale planting to gain insights and experience, we are now ready to roll out this fantastic renewable energy plant large scale. Participate in this revolutionary project by offsetting your carbon emissions and stay tuned about the goals and progress we will make on our journey.