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Jatropha is used for many years as an essential source of fuel though it not well-known biodiesel as palm or soy oil. In recent years Jatropha oil is used as a biodiesel. The Jatropha plant is also grown for other purposes like watershed protection, environmental restoration, etc. The Jatropha tree can grow without irrigation in the dry conditions where biodiesel crops find it challenging to survive. The yield of the Jatropha plant is also higher than any other biodiesel crop.

The seeds of the Jatropha are crushed, and the resulting oil is used to prepare the biodiesel. This high-quality biodiesel is used for car engines. And the residue that remains after the oil extraction is also used as a biomass feedstock to produce electricity and fertilizers.

The Jatropha plant can yield four times higher than the other biodiesel crops. So a hectare of Jatropha seeds can produce 1,892 liters of biodiesel.

(edited 2-Dec-2019)