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Renewable energy


The strong aim of the biodiesel producers is to generate a renewable energy source since it is clear that the fossil resources are finite and supply only ample resources in an ever increasing risk.

The world’s eye is now focusing on a renewable energy sources since the oil production is now decreasing in all most all the reserves. Though the production and availability of the oil is declining there is an increase demand for it in the modern world. So the world has now changed its view to the biofuel due to the increasing demand of energy consumption especially in transport.

Since food production and transport services mainly depend on the biodiesel engines in which the biodiesel plays a major role. The energy security urges that the future generation must live in a bio-energy world.

At the same time in the middle of sever global financial crisis and increasing demand for the biofuel it is also important to look an inventive solution for the climate change. The renewable energy must lead the developing and developed countries in reducing emissions of poisonous gases.

Such an approach can be got by using the biofuel produced by the jatropha oil. The use of jatropha biodiesel can support economic recovery and also have a mitigate impact on the climate change. The biodiesel produced from the jatropha seeds are low carbon emission thus helping the government to avoid the dangerous climate change.

With the decrease in oil prices investing in the green technologies is not an easy task. But there is still a growing support from the side of business and government for investing in a renewable energy like jatropha which has low carbon development path.