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Jatropha has the potential to provide sustainable biofuel to the globe, which is very eagerly looking forward. But the only companies that are investing in Jatropha are the tiny oversea outfits and national energy firms.

At the same time, the sustainable investment that the world is facing today is the better source for biofuel. The main drawbacks of the biofuel prepared from corn are price, growing condition, and the competition as a food crop.

But Jatropha, on the other hand, is very cheap. Jatropha can be quickly grown in all the places, and it is also an easy procedure to convert the Jatropha oil into biofuel. And the main advantage of this plant is that it does not compete with any food crops and can also be grown as a live fence.

The Jatropha plant can be grown widely in the tropical regions. The Jatropha plant, once cultivated, can yield for many years. Little irrigation is required, and without proper watering, the plant can survive for many months.

There are hundreds of thousands of uncultivated land. And these lands are mainly found in the areas where the population that leads a hopeless life. So investing in Jatropha has sustainable development and also a bright future for desperate people in the world. So sustainable investment on Jatropha can be economical and bio-environmental.

The biodiesel taken from the Jatropha oil has properties that are similar to biofuels obtained from other oilseeds. The Jatropha biofuels are also characterized by the fact that it has balance CO2, which helps in protecting the world from rapid climate change.

(edited 2-Dec-2019)