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Aviation fuels are widely replaced by the biofuels produced from the Jatropha oil than any other fuels. To meet the increasing demand, Jatropha oil can be blend with jet fuel since Jatropha oil has a lower freezing point than jet fuel.

The biodiesel prepared from the Jatropha oil can also be mixed with the jet fuel with a 50-50 ratio, and these do not require any modification in the engine.

Using Jatropha biodiesel, it is possible to save 3% of the fuel in the engines.

On December 30, 2008, Air New Zealand flew its test flight successfully with a 50-50 blend with Jatropha oil and jet fuel. And in January 2009, Ai New Zealand, Houston based Continental Airlines, and Japan Air also tested flights with Jatropha biodiesel as jet fuel.

(edited 2-Dec-2019)