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Jatropha FAQ


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1) What is the propagation method for jatropha seedlings?

The best way to propagate jatropha seedlings is through seeds or rooted cuttings.

2) Is plastic pot or direct planting better for jatropha?

Plastic bag is suitable for the seedlings from the seeds. And for stem cutting plastic bags, or growing on beds or direct planting in the field is suitable.

3) How many seedlings can be planted in 30 days time?

On an average about 3000 seedlings can be planted in 30 days.

4) Does carabao is suitable for tilling the soil where jatropha is planted?

There is no need to use carabao or hand tractor for tilling the soil.

5) What are all the requirements needed to plant jatropha in one hectare?

To plant the jatropha seedlings in one hectare land 6 to 7 people per day will be required. Since digging the holes to plant the jatropha is the biggest work.

6) How long will it take to harvest the matured fruits?

Harvesting can be done every two weeks.

7) What is the quantity of seeds per jatropha tree?

The quantity of seeds per tree is 100 to 150 grams per tree.

8) Does the harvest of the seeds increase from year to year?

The yield will be increasing for the first years. During the first year the yield will be 500 kg/hectare, during the second year the yield will be 2500 kg/ha, during the third it will be 5000 kg/ha, during the fourth it will be 10,000 kg/ha and from the 5th year till its life time the yield will be between 12,000 to 15,000 kg/ha/year.

9) Can the harvest be done manually?

Yes the harvest can be done manually.

10) Does the change in the climate affect the percentage of oils extracted?

The yield will be better during the drier months. On the contrary heavy or too much rain will reduce the fruiting of jatropha. The oil will be lessened if the season is wet since the seeds will have moisture content.

11) How many hectares can be the plantation used for jatropha?

The size of the land depends on the size of the oil extraction plant. The smallest oil extraction will require 1,000 hectares.

12) What is the basic step in the production of oil extraction from the jatropha seed?

The first and foremost step is to dry the seeds before the extraction process. Then you can precede the separation of oil from the seed.

13) What the equipment’s necessary in the extraction of jatropha oil?

Oil press machine and pressure oil filter machine are the two most important equipment’s necessary for the extraction of jatropha oil.

14) How much land will be required to set up the factory for jatropha plant?

1000 square meter land is necessary for extracting 1000 liter/day.

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