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Jatropha Biodiesel Cost


It is difficult to estimate the cost and returns of jatropha plantation and yield as it has its role mainly in the rural development. The cost and return are involved in all the stages of the growing jatropha. And it also depends on the different plant products and the tangible methods for them. Here is a list of cost that is very essential in the economic analysis of jatropha cultivation.

In the cultivation stage

  • Planting cost
  • Nursing cost
  • Organization cost
  • Miscellaneous cost


  • Pruning
  • Pole production
  • Thinning
  • Felling
  • Storage cost
  • Firewood production
  • Transport cost
  • Charcoal production


  • Collecting cost
  • Removal of flesh cost
  • Storage of products like oil, cake, shells, flesh cost
  • Transport cost
  • Extraction of oil cost
  • Production of charcoal cost from shells
  • Miscellaneous cost

Capital and labor cost

  • Building cost
  • Machinery and equipment cost
  • Labor cost

Price of Jatropha Seeds

Entrepreneurs all over the world face little difficulty with popularization of jatropha as a budding source for biofuel. This is main reason for the price raise of jatropha seeds.

Price of Jatropha Oil

Another important component of jatropha cost is that the price of jatropha. At present one liter of jatropha cost $1.50 and it is expected that the price of oil will go down in the next ten years.

Factors that influence the cost of Jatropha seeds and oil

The cost of the jatropha seeds vary depending on the variety of seeds. The cost of the seeds changes from one variety to another. Correspondingly the quality and quantity of the seeds also varies thus affecting its cost.

As per the current ration the cost of the seeds are quite low then the cost of the jatropha oil. Jatropha plantation and product prices are now coming into consideration since the growing demand of jatropha oil as a biofuel. This not only affect and increase the cost of jatropha oil but also its end products.