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The threats of climate change demand for new, innovative, and sustainable solutions to provide and utilize energy. One strand of efforts to fulfill the Paris Agreement – keeping the rise of global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels – is the development of renewable energies: this includes, but is not limited to, renewable resources like sunlight, wind and biomass solutions.

For the latter, any optimal approach, however, does not compete with or use agricultural land, feasible for food production. Plants in this regard are rare. Jatropha is one of the plants to fulfill such requirements. It is a frugal plant that can thrive on a variety of soils while delivering attractive yields of oil from its seeds. At the same time, jatropha and its seeds are non-edible. Hence it cannot be used for food or animal feed.

Within aumkiiPURE, we aim to optimize the oil content of jatropha nuts and create highly sustainable large-scale plantations in wasteland areas. Furthermore, intelligent structures may combine intercropping with other fruits. Also, we focus on side products like glycerin, which is a vital component for pharmaceutical products. 

(edited 06-Nov-2019)