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Jatropha Growing Climate

Temperature is the main factor that affects the cultivation of Jatropha. Jatropha species is mainly found to grow in the tropical and monsoon climate. Only a few species are found in the semi-arid land. About 95% of the Jatropha cultivation is found in the area where the annual rainfall is above 900 mm and an annual temperature range of about 20 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Below is the climate specification for the Jatropha plant in different regions in the world.

  • In Polar Regions below 10° C.
  • They can with stand the temperature 10° to 20° C for four to twelve months.
  • In the cold region, 10° to 20° C for 1 to 4 months.
  • In subtropical for 4 to 11 months, it can tolerate 20° C and for the rest of the time, it can withstand 10° to 20° C.
  • In tropical region 20° C.

Jatropha growing region

Jatropha can be grown in any part of the world that lies in the tropical and subtropical zones and in areas that have a temperate climate. It is also planted in some areas of arid and sub arid regions. The plant can be planted in the region where the annual temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. And the areas that have springs of water with proper aeration and low nutrient content are also suitable for Jatropha plantation.

Now according to the vegetation classification, the Jatropha plant is found in the selva, equatorial rain forest, hot tropical belt and also in the savanna regions.

Jatropha is grown in five continents. Here is the number of countries that plant the Jatropha tree.

Jatropha growing region

  • Africa – 48
  • Asia – 17
  • North America – 24
  • South America -14
  • Australia -2

(edited 2-Dec-2019)